Efficient Methods To Fight Poverty: A Decent Paper Sample

Have you ever wondered about the life of the people who are a victim of the poverty prevalent in the society? How do these people, living below the poverty line, like in third world developing countries manage to survive? Some people believe that human nature is such that it becomes used to the circumstances of life, whether they are good or bad. The human heart and mind become numb to its situation in life. Poverty is an issue that is prevalent all over the world. The increasing levels of poverty put a great burden on society and the growth of the society is significantly hindered due to poverty and other related issues. There is a strong need to reduce the level of poverty to create a better world. The level of poverty can be minimized by establishing strong education systems, non-profit organizations and creating employment awareness.

Education System

When we take a look at education, it is seen that the education system of society plays an integral role in developing a nation, in building a society. It is through education that awareness is created. An efficient system of education promotes students to critically analyze society and write my dissertation or research papers based on their learning. This helps to encourage intellectual thinking in students. Therefore, education is needed to create awareness, to encourage people to get out of their comfort zones and seek education as with a high literacy rate, poverty is expected to fall.


Moreover, the youth should invest in building non-profit organizations to help people who are subjected to poverty. These organizations can serve as a platform to voice the problems of people living below the poverty line and can be used to find a solution to these problems. Many non-profit organizations are trying to eradicate poverty by providing the basic facilities people are deprived of. Since the main aim of a non-profit organization does not revolve around profit, the members of such a platform work for the welfare of the people.


Research papers have shown that there is a strong need to create awareness for employment. In third-world developing countries, people are often seen on the streets begging for money. In such cases primarily, there is a strong need of creating awareness about the importance of earning money the right way that is through employment at a certain job. People need to be taught about the benefits of gaining education and finding employment. Once the employment rate increase, money starts to flow in and poverty is significantly reduced in the society.

To conclude, it can be seen that poverty is prevalent in society and steps need to be taken to reduce poverty. These steps can be taken at different levels of society and need to be implemented in order to see positive changes in the near future. Therefore, the level of poverty needs to be managed and reduced by using methods such as the establishment of strong education systems, non-profit organizations and creating awareness of employment needs.