A Good Sample Of A Psychology Research Paper Sample

Have you ever wondered about how mental health disorders can be a silent killer? Mental health is often overlooked by people in the society and often remains under diagnosed. However, the impact of mental health problems on the overall health of a patient is significant and should not be ignored. When we take a look at the youth, typically young adults, they often face a series of mental health problems in their growing up phase. These issues need to be monitored carefully by the family and by the victim themselves. The most important mental health problems faced by youth include phases of depression, anxiety attacks and prevalent eating disorders.


When it comes to depression, the increased competitiveness in school can at times have a crippling effect on the young minds. The desire to do better and the passion to move forward in life is often hindered by failure, demotivation and depression. For example, a student that works hard day and night to get into their dream college and ends up with a rejection from that college begins to feel worthless. This worthlessness consumes the mind and makes it believe that it is the victims fault and they begin to lose confidence in their abilities. This mental stress often becomes mental torture that keeps building up in the young minds. The eventual outcome of this buildup of depression is a loss of interest in life, thoughts and at times attempts of committing suicide and a loss of concentration.

Anxiety Disorders

A psychology research paper shows the second most common disorder next to depression are anxiety disorders. This type of disorder significantly interferes with the day to day life of the patient. Anxiety disorders come in various forms which include social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and certain phobias. Social anxiety disorder cause the patient to avoid contact with people and often leads to isolation. On the other hand, the victim could also be always concerned and worried about people and their judgements and bases their actions on the choices of people. OCD is another form of anxiety disorder in which the person feels the recurrent need to do an obsessive task over and over again. The symptoms of these disorders include an increase in palpitations of the heart, sleeping problems, dizziness and panic attacks.

Eating Disorders

The third most prevalent disorder is eating disorders amongst the youth. Since these are often overlooked at it is important to write papers on this topic. These include bulimia, in which binge eating is done by the patient and anorexia in which the person eats small amounts of food due to fear of weight gain. These disorders, if not controlled can have a serious impact on physical health of a person.

To conclude, it can be seen that the youth faces various mental health problems especially in the young adult phase of life. These problems include depression, anxiety and eating disorders. In addition, mental health is as important as physical health and therefore needs to be monitored carefully.