A Decent Sample Of A Research Paper About LGBT Community

Have you ever wondered about the lives of people who are a part of the LGBT community? What are the challenges they face in society? Are they able to lead normal lives, like other people do? Some people say that the LGBT community is given equal rights whereas some say they face serious discrimination. The intensity of discrimination depends on which part of the world, the community lives in and the laws of that country. It is true that the people in the LGBT community face various challenges which include workplace discrimination, violence and lack of resources to live an improved quality of life.

Gender Discrimination

When it comes to workplace discrimination, gender discrimination is one of the most common forms of discrimination in workplaces around the world. Research paper has shown the intensity of discrimination depends on what country the community lives in as there are some countries in the world that have recognized LGBT rights whereas some countries do not give rights to LGBT people. For example, in third world countries, the LGBT community is often looked down and not given top level positions in workplaces. Even in developed countries, workplace discrimination prevails in the form of harassment and denial of promotion to top levels due to being transgender.


The second most important challenge faced by the LGBT people is violence. The people of this community are considered to be a minority and are often subjected to violence. Violence in terms of planned attacks on the community along with hate speech is often seen across the world against this group of people. These various forms of violence mean that LGBT people are always living under threat and not given equal human rights.

Lack of resources

The third challenge faced by this specific community is a lack of resources to lead a good quality of life. As discussed before, workplace discrimination is one of the factors that prevent this community from getting high end jobs. Moreover, the government in a lot of countries does not recognize the rights of these people. It is important to make a research on this community as schools, hospitals and other basic facilities are often overlooked in areas of LGBT community. Poor healthcare facilities combined with a lack of education facilities means this community finds it hard to progress forward in life. Health issues, homelessness and poverty find the way through the doors of the houses of the LGBT people. In various countries, these people are even forced to go on streets to beg for money to meet their needs as the government refuses to recognize their needs. Therefore, it can be seen that the LGBT people face a severity of lack of resources.

To conclude, it can be seen that the LGBT group of people form a minority of the community of people in the world. This group of people is subjected to many different challenges which include job discrimination, incidents of violence and a lack of resources to progress and move forward in life.