A Winning Sample Of A Research Paper About Cyberbullying

Have you ever wondered about the impact of cyberbullying on the victim? How does the life of a person who is subjected to cyberbullying change? Some people say that cyberbullying does not have an impact on the victim as it is all based of a computer screen as compared to real world practical, physical bullying. However, like all forms of bullying, cyberbullying has a significant impact on the life of the victim. This impact is seen through the loss of self-confidence, decline in academic or work performance and increase in mental and physical health problems.


When we take a look at self-confidence, incidents of cyberbullying have a tendency to shatter the self-confidence of the victim. The person who is bullied begins to feel a loss of hope and despair. The person begins to blame themselves for the incident of cyberbullying and loses faith and confidence in their own strengths to counteract the cyberbully. Therefore, research paper about cyber bullying describes one of the most significant impacts on the victim of cyberbullying is a great loss of self-esteem and an increase of insecurities.

Decline in performance

Moreover, another impact on the person subjected to bullying is a decline in performance. This could be in terms of academic performance such as low grades or poor quality of work when writing research papers. Similarly, this decline in performance can also be seen at the workplace through the loss of concentration and decreased work efficiency. This in turn begins to have an impact on social work relations with fellow colleagues and the relation with the employer. Strained relations at the work place also lead to a loss of self-esteem and overall make the person lose motivation to be successful in life.

Mental Health Problems

In addition, another effect of cyberbullying is an increase in mental health problems. The mental torture and degradation from cyberbullying contributes to deterioration of the overall health of the victim. Mental health problems are often ignored in the society although mental health is very closely linked to physical health. Cyberbullying leads to mental stress and an increase in mental health problems. These problems at times turn into a danger for the society as the victim is so mentally disturbed that they end up on the wrong path. This wrong path includes the use of excessive drugs or indulging in street crime, basically an increase in crime rate is seen along with an increase in cyberbullying.

To conclude, it can be seen that cyberbullying has various effects on the victim. These impacts on the victim range from moderate to severe, depending on the intensity of cyberbullying. The effects of cyberbullying on the victim include a loss of self-esteem, deterioration in performance and deterioration of health. When these effects turn into severe, they have a high probability of effecting the society negatively. Therefore, it is suggested that considering the impact of cyberbullying, steps should be taken to put an end to this practice.

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